Understanding the W-IT Yearly Development Roadmap

February 15, 2024

Innovative Approach to IT Development

At W-IT, we're committed to delivering cutting-edge IT solutions tailored to our clients' evolving needs. A key component of our strategy is the W-IT Yearly Development Roadmap – a dynamic, agile framework designed to adapt to the changing landscape of business technology. This roadmap isn't just a schedule; it's a commitment to continuous improvement and alignment with our clients' business objectives.

Agile Methodologies at the Core

Our roadmap is rooted in Agile methodologies, specifically incorporating elements of Lean Startup, Design Thinking, and SCRUM. This approach ensures that our development process is flexible, iterative, and most importantly, client-focused. By embracing these methodologies, we're able to rapidly adapt to changes, test new ideas efficiently, and continually refine our solutions.

Structure of the Development Roadmap

The Yearly Development Roadmap consists of 13 cycles, with each cycle encompassing 4 sprints. This structure allows us to break down complex projects into manageable tasks, each represented as a SCRUM Epic in our development queue. The key here is that each Epic is directly mapped to a specific business objective of our client, rather than just a deliverable. This ensures that every development effort we undertake is purpose-driven and aligned with our clients' strategic goals.

Flexible Timeline and Workload Management

One of the unique aspects of our roadmap is the absence of hard deadlines for task and Epic completion. Instead, we focus on continuous progress updates each sprint. The allocation of hours to development tasks is flexible and dependent on the client's current workload. For instance, if a client experiences a surge in technical support tickets, our team will adjust accordingly, dedicating more time to support and less to development. This approach ensures that we are always prioritizing the immediate needs of our clients while steadily progressing on long-term development goals.

The Yearly Development Roadmap Document

The Yearly Development Roadmap is formalized in a document that outlines the entire development queue and its operation. This document serves as a transparent, comprehensive guide for our clients, detailing how development efforts are planned, executed, and adjusted over the year. It’s a living document, evolving as we progress through the cycles and sprints, and as our clients' needs change.

Understanding Workload with Our SLA Policy

To help our clients gauge their support workload and its impact on development time, we refer them to our Service Level Agreement (SLA) policy. This policy outlines the expected response and resolution times for support tickets, providing clients with a clear understanding of what constitutes a 'heavy load' of customer support.

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