Prepaid Card System and Programming for Dr. Isidro Guerra

March 31, 2024

Dr. Isidro Guerra is a Mexican physician, surgeon, entrepreneur, and artist, specializing in aesthetic surgery. His website offers information about his services, academic and artistic background, certifications, and memberships in relevant associations. It also features success stories of his patients and provides a blog and podcast to educate about aesthetic surgery. For more information, visit

Market Need

Dr. Isidro Guerra was looking for a solution to facilitate transactions and enhance his patients' experience, offering them a more flexible and secure way to pay for aesthetic surgery services.

Client Problem

The main challenge was the need for a payment system that adapted to the unique and personalized nature of his services while maintaining patient confidentiality and comfort.

Implemented Solution

W-IT developed a system of personalized prepaid cards that allow patients to load funds and use them to pay for various services. This system was complemented with advanced programming to integrate these transactions into the daily management of the office, offering detailed tracking and a smooth user experience.

Client Testimonial:

“The implementation of the prepaid card system has been a revolutionary change, providing my patients with a discreet and convenient way to access our services.”
Dr. Isidro Guerra

Short and Long-Term Benefits

In the short term, Dr. Isidro Guerra observed an increase in customer satisfaction and improved efficiency in the payment process. In the long term, this system offers a competitive advantage, attracts a broader clientele, and facilitates better financial planning for patients.

We managed to increase revenue up to 30% each quarter thanks to the upselling capabilities.

The implementation of this innovative system demonstrates how customized technological solutions can significantly improve the customer experience in the health and aesthetic sector.

To learn more about Dr. Isidro Guerra and his services, visit

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